About Us

MMTS is a mining land management agency founded in 2003 to assist the mining industry with the management of compliance risk. One of the largest in Australia, we service a range of clients, from greenfield explorers to long term producers.

We are well resourced and staffed by an established, long serving team of land management professionals. We aim to provide a high quality service in the most efficient way possible and continually hone our systems and practices in pursuit of this goal.

MMTS provides mining land management services in all Australian and selected foreign jurisdictions. Our services include:

  • Compliance and reporting
  • Assistance with title acquisition and divestment
  • Policy advice
  • Advice on land strategy
  • Land monitoring
  • Native title and Aboriginal heritage solutions
  • Agreement management/contract administration
  • Land access approvals and government liaison
  • Environmental management
  • Lodgement of royalty and production reports
  • Historical title research
  • Shadow compliance monitoring for in-house teams
  • Short term assistance during transition periods
  • Legal services referral